Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda


Why Antigua and Barbuda?

  • - Pursuant to the Short Stay Schengen Visa Waiver Agreement which was signed with the European Union (EU) on 28th May, 2009, Antiguans and Barbudans may enter EU Schengen member States including Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Spain, for stays of up to 90 days without a visa
  • - Beautiful Caribbean country for holidays
  • - Free movement in the Caribbean CARICOM countries


Requirements and Qualifications to be met by the Main Applicant:
There are three alternative investment options pursuant to which an investor can acquire the Antigua and Barbuda passport:
1. USD 400,000 investment in real estate (or)
2. USD 200,000 donation to National Development fund (NDF)  (or)
3. USD 1.5 million business investment.


The passport is granted for a 5 year validity period and after that it can be renewed. To renew after 5 years, the passport holder must have visited Antigua for about 5 days.


Persons related to the main applicant who acquire the Citizenship with the same application
1. The Applicant,                                                                              
2. His /her spouse,
3. His/her children under the age of 18,
4. Economically dependent adult descendants of the applicant up until the age of 25, who currently study at a University.
5.  Parents over the age of 65, economically dependent on the applicant. 


Time Frame and Procedure
The procedure to get the passport is completed in approximately 3-4 months starting from the day of submission of a duly completed application.
Upon submission of the application, an applicant must pay the due diligence fees as prescribed, together with ten percent (10%) of the government processing fee as set out below. The Government fee is 50.000 USD for the applicant and USD for his/her spouse while the due diligence fees amount to USD 7.500 for each person.