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Global Citizenship and Residence services 

We are lawyers who are passionate with Corporate Law, Litigation,


Citizenship and Residence

Technology, Funds and Financial Services. 

We are registered with the Registry of Service Providers of the Cyprus Investment Programme (Registration Number 128)

We fully comply with the Code of Conduct of the Cyprus Investment Programme.

Our law firm, Ierotheou, Kamperis & Co. LLC, is established in Nicosia, Cyprus and offers citizenship and residence services to foreign clients ever since 2006.


We are well versed on the acquisition of Cyprus citizenship and residence permits  by foreign investors and entrepreneurs.


In addition to that, we are able to provide services to our clients for the acquisition of passports and residency permits in Malta, Greece, Portugal and Antigua & Barbuda, through the network of our associates.


Wealthy individuals around the world are increasingly interested to acquire dual citizenship and residency in order to deal with safety, environmental, educational and tax concerns.


Our firm gives professional advice to interested clients specifically tailored to their needs. 

Our immigration team

 Michail Kamperis
IMCM (Investment Migration Council Member)

 Email: [email protected]

Eirini Priligkou  


Email: [email protected]